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Viajes Maya

Travel Coach

Viajes Maya was born with the idea of offering different options to the classic ones of travel agencies.
Our focus is charming accommodations and gastronomic experiences.

We propose guides that allow to travel independently and without rush, saving the client the tedious search time. Clients only have to choose the destination without worrying about the itinerary, knowing in advance that they are going to have a unique experience in charming places while discovering the local cuisine.

Its founder Maya is a Colombian born foodie traveler who lives between Paris and Gallipoli in the heel of Italy. She is a lover of good living and the guides that we propose have already been tested and approved by her. She is a constant traveler. Travel is her passion and she wants to put it at the service of others.

Maya is an Engineer who until recently worked in the financial sector, but after the lockdowns she decided to make a professional transition, working from home and on topics that she is passionate about: travel and good food.

The idea of Viajes Maya was born when her friends and family began asking her for help planning their trips. Her acquaintances were so interested in her trips that they began to ask her if she could give them ideas for theirs and many times they asked her to plan their entire trips. Seeing such a positive reaction to her proposals and trips, she decided to create Viajes Maya.

If our trips and destinations inspire you, contact us to live a unique experience!

If our trips and destinations inspire you, contact us to live a gastronomical experience!