Terms and Conditions

Viajes Maya is not a travel agency. We are independent consultants in travel organization.

Viajes Maya proposes itineraries and travel guides to its clients, but the client is in charge of making the reservations. We do not propose any other service other than the itinerary and its guide. 

The budget of the trip is given by the client. Based on this, we work to propose the best possible itinerary, adjusting to comply with the accommodation, visits and transportation options. This budget does not take into account extra expenses such as personal purchases, restaurants (unless specified) or extra services that the client decides to take. 

Viajes Maya reserves the right to accept clients based on the budget and their expectations.

The first payment of 50% is non refundable. If the client wants to cancel the service, they will not pay the remaining 50%, but they will not be entitled to a refund of the first payment, nor the guide or the itinerary. Once the guide and the itinerary are delivered, there will be no refunds. 

Viajes Maya is not responsible for reservations made by the client, nor for possible changes in plans due to cancellations, external events or weather. 

Viajes Maya proposes in its guides different accommodation and transportation options that are available on the date of delivery of the service. We are not responsible for future availability. The same applies for the other services: visits to places, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, etc. 

The client is in charge of making sure that they have everything they need for the trip: visas, driver’s license, valid passports, up-to-date vaccinations, entry requirements to the country, travel insurance, among others.

We will not be responsible for the client meeting the requirements of their trip. Clients are solely responsible for having everything up to date for a trip in complete serenity. 

The guide and the proposed itinerary are exclusive ideas for the client. You are not allowed to exploit our guides or sell them to others.